Live in a small house pushes you to have tiny bathroom as well. Here, you should be more creative in creating space to make your bathroom look larger. Here are some hacks to make your some bathroom feel extra cozy;


Try an Accent Wall

Try an accent wall

Be brave to apply different color in one side of the bathroom wall. Just take the example of this design with green forest color in one of the wall side. It will be more attractive by adding a vintage map hanged on it.

Break the Rules

Break the rules

Avoid using pastel color for a small bathroom. You are pleased to use wallpaper with big pattern to create sharp look. It makes your bathroom looks more comfortable. Consequently, the small pattern will make this bathroom clutter.

Pick a Patterned Floor

Pick a patterned floor

Try brass or gold fixtures rather than mono chrome one to change your small floor bathroom design. Quirky pattern also create bigger space than its actual size. Just try it soon for your small bathroom and see the result.

Go Small or Go Home

Go small or go home

Choosing small furniture for your bathroom will keep it attractive. Rather than using bring sink that will need more space, small sink help you to solve your problem. It looks tidy and fresh by bright color.

Choose a Petite Tub

Choose a petite tub

Small bathroom doesn’t mean you are forbidden to put bath tub. You can enjoy the life by using petite bath tub to feel like in a spa room. White color petite bath tub also create a more luxurious look.

Create an Oasis

Create an oasis

Applying blue color for a small bath room change it to be more relaxing. This is like we are in a beautiful lake with its wonderful view around it. Just enjoy your time at the bathroom with this extraordinary design.

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle

The powder room can look wider by applying bold pattern just like this jungle. In contrast with the red and yellow rug, this pattern stands alone as one view that beautifies the bathroom. This pattern also makes you feel calmer and fresh.

Traditional in White

Traditional in white

Just let the bathroom with white patterned wallpaper, white trim, white shower tile and a sweet. It looks traditional bathroom style but will be fit to a modern house as well. This is simple and vintage.

Show Your Stripes

Show your stripes

Your bathroom will be looked bigger with stripes wall like the picture. This pattern also adds visual interest of your bathroom. The mirror hanged on the wall creates a stunning harmony.

Think Horizontal

Think horizontal Shiplap walls bring a room to be looked larger. It make anything in this room close each other and easy to reach. So, applying this design for a small bathroom is great decision.


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