5 tips to bring scandinavian style touches to your home interior design

For those who want a little bit of warmth touch to their modern home design, they mostly then apply the Scandinavian home design. It is the mix of the old and new styles that is really related to the purpose of adding the old touches to the modern design without losing the modern characteristics of the house. The Scandinavian also has the characteristics of the mid-century modern design. You can imagine how adorable the decoration will be when the good aspects of different styles are combined together.

Talking about the characteristics of the Scandinavian design itself, the house will be warm, inviting calming, and crisp. It will be clean with simplicity and sleek in modern characteristics. As a whole, the style of the Scandinavian home design will be simple and minimal. However, it is functional at the same time. With the presence of some natural materials such as wood and rattan, the Scandinavian home is craftsman-friendly. Also, with its simplicity yet functionality, the home will be accessible which is great. Nothing be seen as less or more. Such a perfect balance.

Related to all of those facts, it is clear that the Scandinavian home design is the answer to your need for a cozy and calming house during the tiring modern life. Anyway, to create a Scandinavian house, we have some tips below so that you can achieve the aims that you have for the house. We do believe that by following the tips, you’ll get an authentic Scandinavian home design.

Bring the Nature

The Scandinavian has its peaceful and calming impression from the natural elements that are brought into the house. The elements are presented in furniture and some interior items. Let’s say that you can have wood, wool, rattan, sisal, jute, stone, and even bricks. The more natural elements that you bring to the house, the more peaceful your house will be.


The natural materials are presented in different products. Those are the wooden floor and table, the rattan chair, the sisal chair, wool cushion cover. Also, there is a plant growing in the corner of the house to add a peaceful atmosphere. Bring the Nature Decor from @bohoxdecor

Go Minimal

The Scandinavian home should be minimalist and simple. The simplicity will let you keep the modern style concept that you want. Also, by applying a minimal decor concept, your house will stay clean and sleek. Everything will be effective, functional, accessible, and comfortable. Those are the purposes of the Scandinavian home design.


There is minimal detail applied in this decoration. The color combination is minimal and the items provided are the needed ones. You should see how the color choices are able to keep the room looking minimal. Minimal Decoration from @scandi_homes

Neutral Colors

This one is important. To get a warm atmosphere in the house, you should apply natural colors as the scheme. It is known that the neutral colors are the simple and warm colors. In this case, we do recommend you choose neutral colors that can fit the earth color as well so that you can get the peace of nature inside the house. For example, you can use brown color, beige, ivory, or grey.


This house uses some neutral colors in the decoration. You can see the brown wood color, the ivory color, and the grey. The colors are provided in varied shades so as not to make the decoration look boring. Neutral Color Application from @bohoxdecor

Applying Contrast

The contrast also becomes the characteristic of the Scandinavian house. However, the contrast is not the one that will make the house look crowded or maximalist. The contrast is not on the colors and patterns but on some points, those are the shapes, the sizes, and the textures. In this case, the contrast will be functional to create an aesthetic side if the Scandinavian house. Also, it will help the house not to be seen as boring. Here are the examples of the contrast application.



As you see, this room has some different shapes. There are round, tube, square, and rectangular, and even the indentation of the classic chair brings varied shapes to bring the aesthetic characteristic of the Scandinavian design. Shape Contrast from @bohoxdecor



The size contrast can be seen from the big round chandelier made of bamboo with the other home accessories provided there. Look at how artistic the house can be with the addition of the big chandelier. Size Contrast from @deco_orane



The contrasting texture is provided by the brick wall. We know that Scandinavian house has a sleek and clean characteristic. Here, the natural texture of the brick wall creates a contrast to the texture of the decoration. Texture Contrast from @bohoxdecor

Being Hygge

Making a hygge house is about creating comfort. The Scandinavian house should have a hygge characteristic. You can create it by providing additional facilities or home accessories such as warm lighting, cushions, throw blankets, etc.


Look at how perfect the lighting of this room is. It has warm lighting from the candles on the wall, the table lamp, and standing lamps. Besides, there are also some comfortable cushions provided there to make you cozy enough when sitting on the couch. Hygge Decor from @elaperona

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