9 possible utilizations for under the stair nooks

For a small home space, utilizing any possible spot maximally is such a must. You should be able to find the chance for the hiding space or the small corner to function well. From all of the possibilities available in your house, the under-the-stair nook is the perfect spot that you can consider. Imagine that when you don’t utilize the spot. It will be just an empty space which is really a waste of space. You should think of the ideas in utilizing it. You can start by thinking about the need for space in the house that you can’t have so far. For example, you may want to have a reading corner but you can’t find the left space for that. Here, you can use the under-the-stair space to be your reading corner.

In making the plan for the under-the-stair room utilization, there are some things that you should consider and prepare. Here, you should draw the plan, and here is some advice that you can do for that.

  1. Get the exact size of the space. It is important so that you can think of possible space utilization.
  2. Find out what room or what facilities you want but you can’t have it in the house yet because of the space limitation.
  3. Make a list of things that you may need such as furniture, additional facilities, lighting, etc.
  4. Count the budget then hunt the fit items based on your budget.

We want you to see the examples of the possible utilization of the under-the-stair nook space in the house. It will vary from the workspace to your dog house. Get the ideas below and use them as the references for your under-the-stair project.


Utilizing the space for the workspace can be great. It is the room where you may not have enough space to have. However, for the workspace utilization, you should think of some considerations because it should be comfortable and proper to let you have the best performance in working. It may not be possible if the stair is near the public space where people especially children move here and there. It won’t be conducive to work at all.


The workspace uses wood slat panels for the whole interior part then added with wooden table. The chair is in leather material with a harmonious color. The workspace is really cozy and welcoming. Workspace from @imersif.studio

Reading Nook

The reading nook will only need a small space but should be comfortable. You should provide comfortable seating that could be a sofa, chair with pad, swing, daybed, or any other kind of seating that you think will be the most comfortable. Then, if you have many book collections, you can provide the rack. If you need the table, you can provide it but it is not something a must for you who love to read while lying.


The reading nook is only a small one but it will let you have your concentration because as you can see the space is really private. There is also a floating table provided there to put some decorative items. Reading Nook from @buildingculture

Under the Stair Cubbies

The cubies will be multi-functional. And, just like its name, it has a cube form. The function of the cubies is like the storage or cabinet but it is provided without any door. You can use it to put your collections, display some ornaments, or to put some important items like the keys or books.


The cubies here are made in an all-white color that makes the design looks sleek and clean. This color will be great for the small space to make it has a wider space impression. You can also see that there is one cube with a different shape since it follows the shape of the stair and it is surely ok. Under the Stair Cubbies from @beige_and_bleu

Sliding Storage and Cupboard

Just like its name, the sliding storage is the storage that can be slid to give you ease in reaching the items that are stored there. With this sliding style, you can even have a wider space because it can reach the deeper part of the space. Then, you can combine the sliding storage with the cupboard so that you can have complete facilities for storing items.


The cupboard is in the higher part of the space then the sliding storage is in the smaller space. It is done because the smaller space will be more difficult to reach so the sliding style will help you a lot. Sliding Storage and Cupboard from @mkconstructionchicago

Collection Storage

The more collections that you have, the more space that you need. If you are already confused about the space to put your collection, the under-the-stair space is the best solution for you. You can install some racks there and put your collection in. You can let it be without any door if you want to display it. But, the collection might be dirty with the dust. Otherwise, if you just want the space to keep it and let it safe, you can install the door for the space.


This collection storage has brown doors with matching door handle colors to make it simple and not crowded. The brown warm color that is chosen is really great because it can bring the best atmosphere to the house. Collection Storage from @dominomag

Shoe Rack

Having a massive shoe collection and being exhausted with storing things? The under-the-stair space is the solution. It will be great if the stair location is near the entryway so that you can pick or put the footwear easily. The way to have it is really simple since you just have to install the rack. We recommend you make it have the doors so that the room impression won’t be messy.


This shoe rack uses the sliding style for the rack. It will help you a lot in taking the shoes because you can simply slide the rack to find one. Then, the door is installed with the mirror to give a wider space impression. Shoe Rack from @bangalore__interiors

Book Rack

For you who love books and have such a massive book collection, utilizing the under-the-stair space for the book rack is really recommended. You can then provide a sofa or comfortable seating near the book rack so that you can take the book and then read it easily.


The book rack is in cubies style with white color. There is no detail added on the book rack that makes it looks simple and not overserving. Here, it is clear that the purpose of the rack is on its function and not on the personal touch. Book Rack from @bangalore__interiors

Open and Close Cabinet

Sometimes, we can’t decide on what style that we want to apply to the cabinet. We want to make it safe and have a well-arranged impression with the door. But, sometimes, we also want to display the items to show off or to beautify the decoration. Here, you can use the under-the-stair cabinet to have both open and closed cabinet styles.


This type of cabinet will really help you get your needs in a cabinet. It is also perfect that can fulfill all the purposes of the cabinet. The closed cabinet style is made in the bottom so that it can be easier for the owner to open it and the open cabinet style is on the top since you don’t need to open it. Open and Close Cabinet from @bangalore__interiors

Dog House

To let the dog be around us in the house is great. Commonly, the stair is in the living room area so using the under-the-stair space for the dog house will let your dog feel more intimate with us. It will feel like a family and the dog will be happy.


It is quite simple to make a dog house. You just have to prepare for the bed. This dog house looks really comfortable with the sunlight exposes the space. The pad is also simple yet comfortable. The wall uses wood pallets to make it feel cozy and welcoming. Dog House from @charleshiltonarchitects

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