11 simple things to be implemented for a romantic valentine home decoration

Valentine’s is a special day. It is an expression of love for those close to you. It won’t always be about your lovers but also your kids, parents, and even your close friends. It will be great if you can create a romantic ambiance in the house as an expression of love for your family members. Well, it is true that you can have the celebration in a restaurant or have a romantic dinner in your favorite romantic place. But, to have the Valentine theme decoration in the house will make the atmosphere of love feel longer. It is great how intimate the atmosphere can be.

Now, let’s move to the decoration things that you can do for the Valentine theme. You can buy some accessories at the store or make it yourself. There will be surely many items that you can make yourself to decorate the house. You can really put your feelings there and on budget for sure. Then, you can change the color scheme of the decoration. If changing the wall paint color is too much, then you can do it by changing the rug, the cushion cover, the curtain, upholstery, etc.

Talking about the color scheme, there are some possible colors that you can choose for the Valentine’s decoration such as:

1. Pink Color


The pink color is applied to the wall, chandelier, stairs, cushions, and some pretty ornaments here and there. Pink Valentine Decor from @cognacs_corner_magazine

2. Red Color


Even when only in small pieces, the decoration is worth it because it is being applied to many parts of the house. It is not only concerned with one part such as the dining table but surely anywhere. Red Valentine Decor Concept from @s.b.y._creative_living

3. Purple Color


When you commonly only know the Christmas tree, then, this one is the Valentine Tree. It could be a good addition to the purple Valentine decor concept in case applying the color to the whole home is exhausting for you. See! How the purple color can be pretty as well for Valentine’s. Purple Valentine Decor Concept from @mrsaguon

4. White Color


White color represents the purity that will be great for a celebration of love. Anyway, since white color can be too boring and plain, you add a little bit of splash of color to the decoration just like what we have here. White Valentine Decor Concept from @lauraclaredesign

Those four colors are the most common colors that are used and the colors that can characterize Valentine’s celebration well. Back to the home decoration, you can apply the Valentine’s decoration to any part of the house just based on your needs. Here we have some examples of the Valentine decoration in the house that you can follow.

Dining Room


It can be said that the dining room is the most common room that is used to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can see this dining table that is decorated beautifully in pink color. You should also see the chandelier above the table and the ceiling decoration that represents ‘love’ really well. Dining Room Decor from @darleenmeier



Making the decoration as if it is in the hotel room is so much worth it. This bedroom has a red color decoration concept with balloons here and there. It will be really cheap but look at the impact on the room where even by only implementing the balloons, you can get a beautiful decoration. Bedroom Decor from @palaciohotel



This one is an example of the simple and cheap decoration that you can do with your kids. It is done by simply applying some stickers in the ‘love’ theme, of course. You can also change the bathroom curtain with the proper theme that will make the decoration look more authentic. Bathroom Decoration from @jilly2786



If you see the decoration on the kitchen cabinet, that is an example of a DIY Valentine’s decoration. You can make it by using origami with your kids.  The other ones are simple one but can give an authentic impact to create Valentine’s decorations. Kitchen Decoration from @daisiestodecor

Breakfast Nook


You can have an intimate romantic dinner in your breakfast nook. It can be a replacement if having it in a restaurant is over budget. The decoration mostly uses balloons with flowers on the table to strengthen the Valentine’s impression. Breakfast Nook from @bonjourfete

Coffee Bar


The coffee bar is one of the important parts of the house that should be decorated especially if you love enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with your lovers. Since the space won’t be too big, then apply minimal decoration only. Coffee Bar from @cottageonwynn



No matter what the celebration is, having the decoration for the fireplace is such a must. This one always becomes the spot that is decorated including for the Valentine’s celebration. The wreath, garland, and table decoration are the ones that can be applied to the fireplace. Fireplace from @lilbitof_berti

Well, no need to be confused anymore about bringing the Valentine’s decorations to your house. We already show you the decoration ideas with a complete reference and varied budget. Start to decorate now and create a lovely ambiance inside your house.

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