10 aesthetic bedroom ideas with unique bed designs

These days everyone looking for an aesthetic room to make content such as TikTok or Instagram reels. Related to that, having an aesthetic bedroom is quite important. Especially when you don’t have a special room to work, then using your bedroom is worth it. It is because as the private room, you can apply anything you want there. Your personal taste and your expression can be implemented in the room.

There are some ways that you can do to create an aesthetic bedroom and we are really sure that you already have your plan for that related to your imagination and creativity. Let’s say that you can deal with the color scheme (you can choose based on your favorite ones). Then, you can also deal with the ornament, lighting, greeneries, and even the curtain that you can use as the background when making a video. However, what about the bed?

Well, the bed is the most important part of the bedroom. Your bedroom won’t be a bedroom without any bed there. So, what about focusing on the bed also? Basically, dealing with the bed is not only about choosing and changing the bedding, blanket, and pretty throw pillow covers. The material of the bed and the design of the bed can influence the impression of the bed itself. It is amazing how there are so many different kinds of beds that you can choose from. Here, we are going to show you ten of them that are most recommended. Of course, the design that we choose for you won’t only be based on the design which is aesthetic but also on the function. Get the references below!

Multi-Functional Bed

Just like its name, the multi-functional bed is the bed that won’t only have one function. It is the bed that you can utilize not only to sleep but also for another function which is to store things. Commonly, this kind of bed has storage under the bed. It can be in the form of a drawer or storage that you can open by lifting the bed up.


This bed has some drawers under it. The drawers are functional to put the pillows, blankets, and bedding. It is such an effective and efficient one that you can change the bedding efficiently. Everything related to the bed needs already provided under the bed. Multi-Functional Bed from @its_vishwakarma_furniture

Murphy Bed

If you have a small apartment or bedroom, having the Murphy bed is the best choice you can take. The bed can be lifted and being affixed to the wall when you don’t use it anymore so that you can use the space for other functions. Or, you can have an empty space left in the room so as not to make the room look crowded.


You can see that there is a space on the wall on the headboard part where the bed will be affixed when it isn’t used anymore. No need to worry about its sturdiness because it will be sturdy for sure. The design is also aesthetic with the jutting in space on the wall that will be unique and different from other designs. Murphy Bed from @thecanvasproject_tcp

Round Bed

The round bed will be round. With its unique shape, it can’t be doubted about its aesthetic impression. Well, even when it is not common to be provided in the bedroom, the round bed is one of the beds that we recommend because of its uniqueness. Trust me that you will be anti-mainstream when you have it in your bed. No need to worry about the comfort because it will make you feel like sleep around the luxury.


This round bed is provided for a flowy bedroom decoration. It can be such a match because of the lines and shape that the bed has. You should also see how luxurious and cozy the bed looks like. Round Bed from @architects.planetdesign

Canopy Bed

If want to sleep in a bed that will make you feel like in a wonderland, then you can choose the canopy bed for your bedroom. Not only that, but the canopy will make the bed have an aesthetic impression. Also, you can adjust the design of the canopy to get the impression that you want. For example, if you want to have a feminine impression, then you can choose pink color for the canopy.


This canopy has a luxurious impression with the color and detailed design. You can see the folding fabric being applied which adds texture and dimension for the additional aesthetic impression. Canopy Bed from @comptonsmithinteriors

Vintage Bed

It has already been known for a long time that vintage style is really aesthetic. It can even be said as a timeless design that you can still apply to this day for any of your home decoration styles. Adding a little bit of vintage touch to your home decoration no matter what it is, will always be worth it including a vintage bed for your bedroom.


With the iron material, this vintage bed will be sturdy. The color is black for a stronger impression and the design is really authentic for a vintage style. You can see how aesthetic the bed looks. It matches for you who love classic things and a warm atmosphere inside the room. Vintage Bed from @the_comforthouse

Farmhouse Bed

It is quite easy to choose the farmhouse bed since the material is really identical which is the wood. The point is that you should be aware of the finished design of the bed so that it still keeps its farmhouse impression. Commonly, the farmhouse style won’t have too many color choices. It will be related to the natural element color or, the best one is when it has its natural wood color.


Even though the bed is in wood material with a simple wood brown color, this bed has an aesthetic characteristic with the detailed design. You should see the pattern and the lines that are created on the wood that make the bed look special. Farmhouse Bed from @johnsoncowoodwork

Lighted Bed

The LED lighting is the one that is used for the lighted bed. You can have this kind of bed at the store where the bed is in one pack with the light. Or, you can make it yourself. It will be an on-budget project to make your bed look aesthetic. You can install hidden lighting on the hidden space on the bed such as under the bed or headboard. It will create such a pretty illusion.


This bed has LED lighting under the bed which surrounds the bed. You can see how the light can bring a good impression to the room with the best illusion on the floor. It can be a lighting when you are sleeping without feeling irritating with the light on your eyes. Lighted Bed from @sgi.architects

Bunk Bed

If you have kids but don’t have too much room for all of them, the bunk bed can be a choice. You don’t need to worry about the aesthetic aspect of the bunk bed because we can always adjust the design. Even more, you can make it multi-functional by utilizing the stair space.


This one is an example of a multi-functional bunk bed. It has drawers on the stairs and the space under the bottom bed. The bed is also aesthetic with the drawer design and the handle of the drawer. Even when the color is basic the details added to this bed make it worth it for sure. Bunk Bed from @darlenehansonrealtor

Classic Bed

 The classic design commonly brings luxury, especially to the furniture including the bed. It will have an identical indentation and color. The design is also typical so that you can recognize it easily.


With the gold color and the indentation of the texture and pattern, this classic bed has a luxurious look. The padded material on the headboard and bed parts can also indicate that the bed is in a classic luxurious design. Classic Bed from @gourmethomesandfurnishers

Concrete Bed

You might not be familiar with the concrete material for the bed. It sounds weird and not comfortable. However, trust me it can be aesthetic. You can have it to bring an industrial bedroom touch. Also, you can always make it comfortable by adding it with the best quality mattress. So, when you choose the concrete bed, make sure that you are able to provide the best mattress wuality.


See! This bedroom has an aesthetic decoration impression with the existence of the floating concrete bed. It is simple but unique and aesthetic for sure. Concrete Bed from @strikein_design

We hope that you can find the best bed that you want to provide for your bedroom from our references. So, what are you waiting for? Get it now!

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