Now that you’re getting close to retirement age, you’re probably wondering what’s waiting for you in the future. Instead of waking up one day and not knowing what to do, here are 10 things to look forward to in retirement so that you can start planning your days however you want.

1. Having Newfound Freedom

Whether you’re choosing to live alone or in 55 plus communities in boise idaho, you will notice that you have a lot of extra time on your hands to do whatever you want. If you’re not prepared for this, then you’ll easily fall into the pitfalls of loneliness, boredom, and even depression.

2. You’re Free From The Ambition Drug

There is no longer the need to prove yourself every single day to other people. You can start focusing on yourself for once and doing whatever you want that makes you happy. The world is your oyster now.

3. You Can Travel More

Almost everyone has a destination on their bucket list that they’d like to visit at some point in their lives. So why not go? Now that you have no other obligations or timetables to keep, you can pack up your bags and book a ticket to that dream destination.

4. You Can Still Work Part-Time

You may not choose to retire fully and still want to continue working. The option to work part-time is still available to you so that you can pick up odd jobs here and there.

5. There’s Always Opportunities For Volunteer Work

Giving back to the community can be a rewarding experience. Volunteer your skills to charity organizations to help keep the community up and running. It could be something as simple as working at the local soup kitchen.

6. Babysitting The Grandkids

Why not give your children some time off and babysit your grandchildren? You can also establish better, longer-lasting memories with your grandchildren before you’re gone.

7. Having The Time To Catch Up On Media

Whether it’s TV, movies, or books, you now have all the time in the world to catch up on the media you’ve been missing out on over the years. Borrow some DVDs or books from your local library or sign up for a new streaming service so you can start getting into the newest shows and media.

8. No Pressure And No Stress

No impending stressful moments are waiting for you, such as taking care of work or raising your children. Take the time to sit back, relax, and let the time wash over you so that you can appreciate all that you’ve already accomplished.

9. You Can Live Your Dream

We’ve all that specific dream as a child that we’ve had to put aside to work the grindstone. But now that’s no longer an issue, you can go out and fulfill all those dreams that you never got the chance to do when you were younger.

10. You Can Choose To Do Nothing

Sit on the porch with a pot of iced tea and watch the hours melt away. Go for a spa treatment. Take a long walk by the beach. You can do whatever you want or nothing at all.

If you’re looking for a great place to retire to, then don’t hesitate to look around at the local (or not-so-local) retirement communities to see what might be the best fit for you. You want to know that your needs will be taken care of while finding a new life purpose.

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