12 moody farmhouse kitchen touches for an aesthetic decoration

Having a farmhouse kitchen decoration is interesting because of its ability to bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere into the room. However, if you think that the farmhouse decoration is a little bit boring and you need to have a modern touch, then we recommend you apply the moody farmhouse decoration. Not only able to give another color and impression to your farmhouse kitchen decoration, but it will also able to bring aesthetic characteristics to the decoration.

What is Moody Farmhouse?

Basically, the moody farmhouse decoration style is about blending the farmhouse with rustic charm and then adding some modern style comforts. the result? It will be such a warm and cozy decoration that will be perfect for your kitchen since that will be the room where you have to be relaxed, happy, and comfortable to make the best food.

Implementing a moody farmhouse decoration in the kitchen should be done by taking the concepts that will be proper for the kitchen needs. You may not implement the ones that will bother the kitchen function. In this case, you can decorate the kitchen by implementing:

  1. Deeper color. You can choose soothing yet bold colors such as navy blues, emerald greens, or charcoal grays. Those colors will be able to set the tone. However, you can also still use other colors with the same color as we have mentioned above but it different tones.
  2. Rich Texture. You can present the texture from the material choices and the details that the items have. The materials that are recommended for the moody farmhouse decoration style are weathered wood, patinated metals, and vintage finds. Those materials will be able to add character and authenticity to the space.
  3. Layered Lighting. The lighting choices can be the ones that cover all the decoration styles being combined those are the farmhouse, rustic, and modern.

The things that we mentioned above will be able to create a kitchen with a traditional embracing the eclectic. It will also ensure a timeless appeal. It is amazing how two different styles with contrasting characteristics can be paired together to create such an adorable decoration style. Now, we want you to see the decoration references that we have gathered below for the moody farmhouse decoration style.


The decoration has the farmhouse touches from the kitchen island and the floor. Then, the rustic touch is on the drawers of the kitchen cabinet with unfinished design. Then, you can find the black color there to strengthen the moody farmhouse character. Black and White with a Wood Color Touch from @beckiowens


This one is the soft version of the moody farmhouse kitchen decoration. It has a bright grey color and a darker one for the floor to give a deeper color effect. There are also some lamps in different styles to create layering lighting for the moody farmhouse design. Soft Color Scheme from @beckiowens


The color of this moody farmhouse kitchen is interesting, especially for the green kitchen island and cabinet that have a grey tone touch on the color. The color has a deep color characteristic that is applied in a wooden kitchen decoration. Green with Grey Tone Design Touch from @dropofhoneyy


This kitchen is really aesthetic with all of the things applied in the decoration. It has such a great balance where there is a modern black color combined with the wood material in its wood natural color in a balanced portion. The pendant lights that are installed above the kitchen island add the aesthetic impression of the kitchen too. Aesthetic Moody Farmhouse Kitchen from @tollbrothers


This kitchen has the vintage touch from the wall lamp being installed above the countertop. Then, it is added with the farmhouse style from the white wood pallet on the wall. The floor in black color looks modern and aesthetic. This moody kitchen decoration can be said as an aesthetic and artistic one. Vintage Touch from @joeykendalbrown


In a grey color, this kitchen island looks sleek and modern in simplicity. It is then combined with the white color to create balance. There is also wood material that is implemented in some parts of the decoration. Grey Color Touch from @homeleebuild


Look at how the green color can be soft and deep at the same time. This kind of color is recommended for the moody farmhouse decoration style. You can use it for your kitchen so that you can feel the fresh and calming atmosphere while cooking. Then, you should see the floor with the wood arrangement to add the aesthetic impression of the room. Green Color Scheme from @thefarmhouseinterior


Marble material is commonly used for the modern style. It can be such a good addition to the moody farmhouse kitchen and a simple way to put the modern touch. For this kitchen, the marble is then combined with the farmhouse touches here and there by using wood and stone materials. Marble Touch from @patrickbiller


If you love something masculine, this real deep moody farmhouse decoration can be your best choice. Anyway, even when looks dark, this kitchen is still comfortable and calming with the wood material used in many parts of the kitchen decoration. Real Deep Color Scheme from @ashleytstark


The rustic style is implemented in this kitchen on the kitchen island with the unfinished wood style. Then, it has the farmhouse touches on the floor and rack. The sleek modern design is available on the countertop, backsplash, and kitchen cabinet in charcoal color. Sleek and Clean from @dropofhoneyy


The grey charcoal color is interesting and it is able to bring the deep color but not in a boring version. The color is masculine and has an interesting character. It becomes more perfect when combined with the marble kitchen island table top. The farmhouse touch is provided on the floor and stools for the kitchen island. Grey Charcoal Scheme from @farmhouserooms


This moody farmhouse kitchen has the farmhouse touches as the domination. It is then added with the modern touch from the stools and the ceiling lighting. You can also see how the wooden farmhouse style is paired with the white modern style. Such a perfect one to create a welcoming kitchen atmosphere. Welcoming Atmosphere Design from @tollbrothers

From the references that we have mentioned above, we can conclude that there are some decor impressions of the moody farmhouse decoration such as the masculine impression, the welcoming impression, the soft impression, and many more. So, which one is your choice?

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