9 decor inspirations to help you maximize your small balcony space

To get a chance to have a balcony is such a luck! The balcony is commonly provided for the apartment or condo. It will be an outdoor space that you have to replace the yard. That is why, when you have it in your place, then decorate it well so that you can maximize the function of your balcony for your comfortable life.

Just like other outdoor spaces, the balcony can also be juggled to be a patio or even a garden. The things that you provide there will also be quite the same. The difference will be in the arrangement and the decoration technique that should be adjusted with the space and size of the balcony. There will be some tricks in decorating small spaces that you should follow in decorating the balcony such as the color scheme choice, the types of furniture, and even the kind of lighting.

We have rounded up some ideas that can be functional for you to maximize your small balcony space to be a cozy space to chill. Get the ideas below!

The Use of Pattern

The use of patterns can be an easy and effective way to beautify your balcony. You can have the pattern on furniture, home accessories, or any other things that you provide on the balcony except the ornament. It is because the purpose of the pattern is to make the decoration pretty without any ornament to save space. However, make sure that you don’t apply too much pattern because that will make the space look crowded and narrow.


Even when there are many patterns and colors applied, the decoration isn’t seen as overserving at all. It is because the items provided on the balcony are limited and the color choices are also really smart. Pattern Application from @my_homely_decor

Utilizing the Wall

Since the space on the floor is limited, you can utilize the wall to create a certain impression of the decoration. For example, if you want to have greenery for a fresh and earthy atmosphere, then you can hang the greenery on the wall. It can be an effective way without using the space in the balcony area. Then, if you need to store things like candles or whatever it is, as long as the items are not too big, then you can put them on the wall.


This balcony is colored by installing many pretty things on the wall. The space utilization is really effective. You can see that the left space in the balcony is really narrow but it can be seen as spacious with the right arrangement. Wall Decoration from @homeinside.out

Go Neutral

Choosing the right color scheme is important for decoration because the color will be the first thing that people see in the room. Also, color can have such a big impact on a decoration since each color has its own impression to build a characteristic of the room. For the balcony, since the space won’t be spacious, you should think of colors that will be simple, minimalist, and welcoming. Here, neutral colors are everything that you need. The kinds of neutral colors are white, beige, ivory, brown, grey, or black. Choose the ones that fit your balcony space.


There are some neutral colors applied on this balcony. Even when the color combination is massive, this balcony isn’t seen as crowded at all because of the right color choices such as white, brown, light grey, and beige. Neutral Colors from @my_homely_decor

The Use of Lighting

<span;>The use of light for the balcony won’t only be about its function to brighten up the space. It is also about how the light can beautify the space at the same time so that you don’t need to provide any ornament anymore related to the space limitation. We recommend it because there are so many different kinds of lighting these days. The designs are unique and can fit any design style available. The installation is also flexible and easy as you can use it to beautify your balcony.


There is only one kind of lighting that this balcony has, which is the fairy light. But, look at how it can juggle the balcony into a cozy and pretty space without any ornament and without making the space crowded. Balcony Lighting from @a_solo_traveler_

Using the Railing for Table

Besides the wall, remember that you still have the railing on the balcony. Rather than let it be just that way without any utilization, you can use the railing to be your table space. It is quite easy since you just have to hang the tables there. You can use wood or metal material just based on your need. Remember to consider the size so that it won’t annoy your movement or the items that you provide on the balcony.


This table has high borders to be a protection for the table. Since the table will be hung on the railing, then this kind of is needed not to make the items provided there easy to fall. Such a brilliant idea! Railing Table from @balconylivingcph

Custom Furniture

For a balcony with uncertain space and shape, the custom furniture is the one that we do recommend. You can make it yourself or ask the professionals. The point is that you provide the furniture or whatever it is with your own requested design based on the space that you have on the balcony. We recommend you to make the products that can be installed and uninstalled easily.


The custom furniture here is made for the coffee table and sofa. It uses wood pallets that are added with a pad for the sofa to give extra comfort. Those pallet furniture can be installed and uninstalled easily just based on your need. Custom Furniture from @minegunesen

Multi-Functional Furniture

For an effective room decoration, multi-functional furniture will always be recommended. This is the kind of furniture that won’t only have one function but also other additional functions. For example, you can have a coffee table with space under to store items. Or, you can have a sofa with storage space in the part of the sofa body.


The coffee table and sofa have drawers under them that will let you use them to store your things such as magazines, snacks, beverages, etc. The design is simple but can let you store many things there. Multi-Functional Furniture from @dubaifitout2020

Providing Swing

The swing is recommended because it will be installed in a floating condition. Something floating will be perfect for the small space area not to make the space look narrow and crowded. Besides, since the balcony will be the space for you to chill, then there is nothing can be more comfortable than the swing, right?!


The swing is a kind of seating swing but wide enough that will let you lay there. It is installed in the corner of the balcony and looks like such a great addition to the space. Swing from @interioryesplz

Folding Furniture

For the small space where you think that there won’t be enough space for the furniture, choosing folding furniture is the best decision you can make. You can fold it when you don’t need it so that you can have enough space to move. Then, if you need it, you can simply unfold it. Make sure to choose the easy fold and unfold ones.


Look at the table. The two sides of the table are folded. The design is really smart since it can still be used to store things with the left space when being folded. You can open the fold if you need a wider table for more people. Folding Furniture from @einsyogi 

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