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Interior Design

10 Adorable Kitchen Design Ideas with Pop of Color

A nice and adorable kitchen benefits to make you excited when cooking or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. So, what can be done to have a nice and adorable kitchen? One of things to be considered is giving a touch of pop color in some areas of your kitchen. Usually pop colors identical with bold colors like red, yellow, green etc. Here, you will find some adorable kitchen design ideas with pop colors for you.

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12 Beautiful Vintage Mid Century Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

The mid century modern refers to the style of decoration and is characterized by lots of natural wood, simple lines, sweet tones or pastels and accent furnishings with form-meets-functions. This decorative style had a huge explosion in 1950’s and has a major influence in modern interior design nowadays. This is because of its warm and luxurious simplicity and nature, clean lines and inspirational artwork is perfect for those of you who want a modern retro-style touch.

Interior Design

Amazing Loft Stairs For Tiny House Ideas

Living in a small house makes you have to be smarter in using even the smallest room, one of which is to utilizing the attic and this of course requires the stairs. The main advantage to the stairs is that they are easy to climb. Although the stairs generally take up more floor space, this room does not need to be wasted because additional storage can be built easily. Also, you end up getting a floor space that can be used in a tiny house if it means you have easier access to your attic room and therefore will use it more.

Home Decoration

Creative and Simple DIY Bedroom Canopy Ideas on A Budget

If you want to add a little softness and romance to your bedroom, adding canopy is the answer. Bedroom canopy can become the focal point of your boring space. This DIY canopy project gives you some inspiration to add romance and charms to you space, and yes, it is on a budget, and also, easy to make. There are many option to install bedroom canopy. You can use curtain rods, simple cup hooks, hand towel rings, embroidery hoops and many more. Check out these DIY bedroom canopy design ideas below to inspire you.

DIY Ideas, Garden and Outdoor

Unique DIY Features To Beautify Your Garden

A beautiful feature in your garden can be an inviting space for guests. All you need to do is adding natural elements, colorful flower, stonework or even a water features to your garden. But if you like a unique feature to decor your outdoor space, then you are come in the right place. Here are some unique DIY features to beautify your garden. Just read this article and everything that you dream may come true by your own hands.

Interior Design

8 Amazing Dream Home Interior Designs in 2018 for Elegant Room

In the third month of 2018 you might want to build or simply change your home interior to be a dream elegant home interior. To fulfill your desire, you can consider some things that will be done and what should be provided. There are at least four important things that you need to consider are about style, decoration, color, and furniture. For the detail images and ideas, let’s check it out below.

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Ways to Spice up Your Minimalist Interior Whilst Keeping It Simple

Recent, a minimalist interior design is liked by many people. Its simple and elegant look makes people contruct their dwelling with this design. Because of the simple design in the arrangement of space and color, sometimes minimalist interior can be identified with innocence and its simplicity. But, if you want to spice up your minimalist interior you can do some tips below.