Designing window box flowers will be an interesting project this weekend. It helps you fresh your window feature. Though you live in a small apartment, this window box flower becomes one of the easiest ways to plant some herbs you like as well. Purchase the window box at the nearest home improvement or gardening store. Here are some inspirations;



Natural Wood Style


This window box is made of natural wood. You don’t need to prepare a lot of money to make it. But, make sure to follow the steps for best results. Wooden WIndows Box from @saltairenantucket


The wooden pallets used in this window box will look natural and low on budget. You can make it yourself to produce a good window design. Wood Windows Box from @thistlecontainers

Container Windows Box


Flower boxes from these containers can help you to enhance the look of your home. It is made from scrap materials with a weather-resistant and ultra-thought-resistant construction. Plant all kinds of flowers and plants you like to make your windows more beautiful. Reycled Tin Windows Box from @myprimrosehillkitchen


Planting various types of flowers in this window box container looks attractive and can steal the eye. This container material from used goods is low maintenance and certainly lasts longer. Container Windwos Box from @most_lovely_things

Rustic Box Framed


Window flower boxes made from l barn wood also give a different look to your windows. Looks vintage and unique. You are free to plant flowers, herbs, succulents or anything else. Wooden Palet Windows Box from @


Using reclaimed wood to make this window box will give it a different rustic look. In this window box you can plant various types of blooming flowers for a sweet look. Reclaimed Wood Windows Box from @fuzzufuzzu

Iron Window Box for Potted Plants


Choosing a container made of iron can make a difference in the appearance of your window box. Choosing a variety of these blooming flowers and green leaves will make for a cool look. Iron Container Windows Box from @thistlecontainers


Put on some pots with bright flower in front of your window to look fresh. Choose iron window box to cover the pot and make it looks tidy. It is strong and casual for any house style. Iron Windows Box from @homesandgardensofficial

Wooden Window Box with Black Color


Black color looks more elegant for homes that need upgrading. With this color, this wooden window box flower is easy to mix and match with other outdoor design styles. Black Wooden Windows Box from @petalsbranches


The black color on this window box succeeds in giving a new look to your home. In addition, this color is suitable for you to mix and match with the exterior style of your home. Black Windows Box from @hearty1948

Colored Window Box


Take this cute style for your girl room. You can buy this window box at the store or make it by yourself. Simple design also works well with any window style you have. Gray Paint Windows Box from @two_and_a_pug_at_no.2


The cream color of this window box manages to give your terrace a new look. Complete with small colorful flowers, this will also make the look fresh and airy. Beige Color Windows Box from @southernladymag

Modern Minimalist Black Flower Box


Appearing sleek and has a black color, it manages to give a nice home look for you to try. Applying this window can also provide freshness to the terrace area of your home. Minimalist Windows Box from @petalsbranches


If you like a minimalist style, you copy the design above. Though, it looks simple but gives a fresh look for white window of your house. It can be applied for small apartment or big house. Small Windows Box from @timberlane_inc

Metal and Wood Window Box


Using metal and wood materials, this window box will look beautiful and have a rustic touch. Use an old palette as a landscape and glue branches along it. Unique window boxes are ready to use for your windows. Metal and Wood Windows Box from @farmhousestylebook

Windows Box with Coco Fiber


Coco fiber material is great for fertilizing some plants in your window box. Choosing this material is relatively cheap and easy to find. Iron Windows Box from @blueridgediva


Coco fiber works well as landscape for planting some flowers. Put this landscape on an iron window basket to upgrade your house style. Take this project for your project this summer. Coco Fiber Windows Box from @gemini_flora_southport

Subtle White Window Box


Planting cascading flowers is a simple way to improve your window view with subtle window box. After the flower growing well, even you cannot see where the window box is. But, it looks amazing to make your house fresh. White Windwos Box from @evergreen_floral_designs


This white window box gives a nice minimalist look and matches the exterior walls of your home. Filled with some colorful blooms this will also give a cool and fresh look. White Color WIndows Box from @whitehomeonthehill

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