Designing window box flowers will be an interesting project this weekend. It helps you fresh your window feature. Though you live in a small apartment, this window box flower becomes one of the easiest ways to plant some herbs you like as well. Purchase the window box at the nearest home improvement or gardening store. Here are some inspirations;



Natural Wood Picket Fence Style

Natural wood picket fence style

This window box made of natural wood in fence style. You don’t need to prepare much money to make it. But, make sure to follow the step to get the best result.

Cream Colored Flower Box

Cream colored flower box with moulding

A cream colored flower box may help you to improve your house view. It made from plastic with weather-proof and ultra-though construction. Plants any kind flowers and herbs you like to make your window more beautiful.

Rustic Metal Box Framed With Barn Wood

Rustic metal box framed with barn wood

Window flower box made from metal with barn wood also gives a different look towards your window. It seems vintage and unique. You are free to plant any flowers, herbs, succulents or others.

Iron Window Box for Potted Plants

Iron window box for potted plants

Put on some pots with bright flower in front of your window to look fresh. Choose iron window box to cover the pot and make it looks tidy. It is strong and casual for any house style.

Wooden Window Box with Black Semi Gloss

Wooden window box with black semigloss

Black semi gloss looks more elegant for a house which needs to be upgraded. With a neutral color, this wooden window box flower is easy to be mixed and matched with any other outdoor design styles.

Pretty Yellow and White Striped Window Box

Pretty yellow and white striped window box

Take this cute style for your girl room. You can buy this window box at the store or make it by yourself. Simple design also works well with any window style you have.

Modern Minimalist Black Flower Box

Modern minimalist black flower box

If you like a minimalist style, you copy the design above. Though, it looks simple but gives a fresh look for white window of your house. It can be applied for small apartment or big house.

Natural Twigs and Branches Window Box

Natural twigs and branches window box

Collect some branches and cut them in similar size. Use plywood as the landscape and glue the branches along it. The unique window box is ready to use for your window.

Iron Window Basket with Coco Fiber

Iron window basket with coco fiber - copy

Coco fiber works well as landscape for planting some flowers. Put this landscape on an iron window basket to upgrade your house style. Take this project for your project this summer.

Subtle White Window Box

Subtle white window box

Planting cascading flowers is a simple way to improve your window view with subtle window box. After the flower growing well, even you cannot see where the window box is. But, it looks amazing to make your house fresh.

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