Stunning design will always surprising. We look at something that beyond our imagination. There, we see beauty and creativity work together to create aesthetic value.  It can be applied in a room design to show the beauty o the house. Here are some inspirations;

Garage in a Living Room

Garage in a living room

Let see your car put in a glass garage which can be seen clearly from where you sit. Enjoy you’re your food while admiring your favorite car is perfect. This is not only a garage but car gallery.

Cantilevered Residence

Cantilevered residence

This is unique ceiling for your outdoor space design. The glass at ceiling actually is a pool from your second floor. The pool can see through your terrace. This is amazing design to show a modern look.

Staircase But Also Bookcase

Staircase but also bookcase

You don’t need to have more space for saving your book. Here, your staircase can function as a bookcase as well. Just sit on one of the stairs and read the book you want.

Bedroom Window

Bedroom window

Imagine when this bedroom is yours! You can see the beautiful view of a beach by laying your body on the bed. The sea will always make your mind feel fresh. It’s cool and minimalist.

Cutting Board and Colander

Cutting board and colander

A multi-function kitchen utensil will make you easy in cooking. This sink design is amazing. The sink is not only used or washing plates but also in one place for cutting board and colander. What a surprising design, isn’t it?

Innovative Mat

Innovative mat

Love ingenious mat design. After enjoy your time at the tub, your foot will relax at this mat made by natural moss. There are plenty moss which humid and comfort for human. It seems like a fresh oasis inside your bathroom.

Honey Key Holder

Honey key holder

Key holder is small part of your house but can be so stunning if you choose the right design. When you used to put your key at drawer, you will be surprised to put your key at this unique key rack. This is simple but looks amazing.

Swing Table


Let yourself get different sensation for sitting at a swing chair. This dining table is actually a stunning design that will give you unique experience to eat in a swing table. You feel like in the air and get your adrenaline works.

Living Stone Pillow


Feel like on the jungle by sleeping at this living stone pillow. The shape is like a stone which be found at the jungle but this is everyday pillow which used or sleep. It can be put on your living room or bed room for having a natural sleeping experience.


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