Staircase becomes so popular for a house with more than one floor. It becomes the way to go upstairs and give important role for family member movement. Nowadays, it is not only a way but give important part to make a house more elegant. Here are some staircase design for your inspiration;

Wall of Art

Wall of art

A mushroom color of staircase looks incredible combine with wall of art. The white color of wall makes this staircase more impressive. You are also allowed to hang some of your family portraits on the wall along the staircase as well.

Beach Vibes

Beach vibes

This pastel color staircase indicates that the house is near an ocean. Look at the vintage signs along with the basket near the staircase truly shows that this house located close to ocean. When you adopt this staircase style for your house, it will remind you about the ocean where you spend holiday.

Pattern All Over

Pattern all over

If you have a coastal house, this pattern all over style may be suitable for you. The blue color and pattern makes this house fun and elegant. Do you want to use this style for your staircase?

Vintage Venture

Vintage venture

A classic look provide by this vintage venture staircase. With some antique portraits hanged on the wall make this style unique. The natural color used for the staircase also good for creating natural house style.

Stair Runner

Stair runner

This staircase look more interesting after you lay down a stair runner. The pattern makes this staircase seems different and has its own part. Just look how your guest will be surprised by this stair runner. If you want to try another color and pattern of stair runner, it will be nice idea.

Bold Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper

It looks so beautiful to put flower wallpaper up the stairwell. It reminds you about garden and the entire natural beauty. Your house will be more natural when you use flower wallpaper for your stairwell.

Nautical Vibe

Nautical vibe

Porthole-shaped mirror and s Garnet Hill rug let this stair case in nautical vibe style. The blue and white color looks eye catching. It make your house seems more casual but still in modern view. Try this for your house soon!

Add Height

Add height

You can add tubular steel rails that extend all the way to the ceiling as like the staircase on the picture. This makes your children feel more save going up stairs. It also gives a new touch of modern look for the staircase.

The Great Outdoors

The great outdoors

This staircase replaces the outer walls with a screen of birch tree trunks. It looks unique and neutral. Then, you can cover the ceiling to avoid greasy.


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