Inspiring bathroom with garden tub that offer spa-like bathing experience fi

What is a garden tub? Well, it is wider and deeper than a standard bathtub that you have seen so far. This tub is used for aristocrats bathing time. Now, anyone can use this garden tub for their own bathroom. No matter traditional or modern style, a garden tub will not break the design. However, garden tubs are more expensive than standard bathtubs. The sizes are super big and deeper. If you wish to experience spa-like bathing, check out our list to get an inspiring garden tub for your bathroom!

Inspiring bathroom with garden tub that offer spa-like bathing experience 1

Bathroom With Contemporary Garden Tub

Bathroom with contemporary garden tub


Imagine spending a day in this bathroom with warm water and roses. It seems like you are bathing in a spa. This bathroom looks amazing with a white contemporary garden tub. Enjoy your time taking a bath in a place with a floor-to-ceiling city view.

Transitional Bathroom With Garden Tub

Transitional bathroom with garden tub


Here is a garden tub with golden faucets that looks so glam and cozy. This white tub works well with hexagonal tiles on the floor. Furthermore, the glass pendant over it brings this room into a transitional look. Bathing for several hours here will be so relaxing.

Bathroom And Black Bateau-Style Garden Tub

We will directly notice the wood-paneled walls the first time seeing this bathroom. The black and white garden tub becomes the focal interest of this area. With airy ceiling light, you will have an amazing bathing experience whenever you want. Sure, it needs a more spacious lot to build a bathroom like this.

Beautiful Floating Island

Placing a garden tub outside the shower room is a great idea. It looks like you are bathing on a private island. In this picture, we adore how the designer applies marble tiles for the garden tub while white tiles for others. No matter what the season is, taking a bath here will bring a serenity spa-look experience.

With Rectangular Wood Garden Tub

The bathroom is minimalist with concrete walls. However, the rectangular wood garden tub is the focal interest of this design. The size and color of this tub point out all the attention. This bathroom will bring you to another universe beyond your imagination.

Outdoor Bathroom with Garden Tub

Well, it might so inspire you to use a garden tub for the outdoor bathroom. You will enjoy your time while seeing the views around that green and fresh. Well, it will be nice to take a bath here in the summer morning while enjoying the sunrise. This dreamy setting is applicable for the one who has a wide backyard.

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