A shower room is not only a place to take a bath but you can also release your stress after a tiring day at the same time. So, it’s no wonder if it is designed and decorated as comfortably as possible. Even if you have more effort, the bathroom and shower room can be created as comfortably as a spa retreat. Related to that, there are several ways that be done to make it happen. Like thinking about calm color schemes, using a comfortable feature, adding a scented accent, to inserting plants into your shower room. Well, in this case, we will discuss how plants can refresh your shower room and what plants you can use.

One of the plants to put in the shower is the eucalyptus. This plant offers some benefits for your shower room. According to Healthline, a popular trend that has popped up on social media recently is having a bunch of eucalyptus branches hanging over your shower head. It looks pretty, and the sprigs can give your bathroom a spa-like look. But, what many people don’t realize is that the sprigs actually have a few benefits beyond just looking pretty. Adding a bunch of eucalyptus to your shower is said to release essential oils and provide anti-stress, decongesting, and energizing benefits. This is a simple way to make your bath time more comfortable and relaxing.

What is Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus is a genus of over seven hundred species of trees, shrubs, or mallees in the Myrtle family. It is one of an evergreen tree that is found primarily in Australia, but some species can be found as far afield as New Zealand and South Africa. Eucalyptus trees are often very tall, with thick, fragrant bark, smooth leaves with oil glands, and a woody capsule-like fruit called a gumnut. Some species are known for their fire resistance, and eucalyptus is the main source of timber in many parts of the country.

Meanwhile, eucalyptol, a chemical in the oil of eucalyptus leaves and twigs, is a powerful antiseptic, although it is toxic at high doses. It is the main ingredient in a popular rub that is used to relieve cough symptoms from colds and flu, and eucalyptus vapor is also useful for clearing up congestion. Eucalyptus oil also has a pleasant scent, which some people describe as smelling like Vicks or Tiger Balm, with notes of mint, honey, and citrus.


Eucalyptus leaves are silvery blue-green; when damaged, they give off a distinctive ‘menthol’ aroma. In its native Australia, this evergreen tree has a potential height of 60 feet. However, when planted in the back garden, it often reaches 6 to 10 feet. Eucalyptus Plant from @plantetantens

There are many ways to incorporate and use eucalyptus in everyday life. But here, we will discuss how to incorporate the eucalyptus in your shower and its benefits of it. It means we will talk about how to hang the eucalyptus in your shower and what benefits you get by hanging it in your shower. Please go down and maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

Why is it hanging in the shower?

Eucalyptus oils are activated by steam, so the shower is the perfect place to hang it as the bundle will slowly release its soothing scent over time. So, if you’re too busy to make time for a full-blown aromatherapy session, you can still reap the benefits of this fragrant plant by simply hanging a bundle in your shower.


Nothing is more relaxing than owning one of these lovely aromatic eucalyptus shower bundles. This heavenly bundle hanging over your shower head is the perfect little touch to bring some calm and peace. They are the perfect addition to any room. Hanged Eucalyptus Bundles from @flowersandlifestylebymargot

How to Hang the Eucalyptus in the Shower

Actually, it’s super easy to do. To do it, for a simple yet effective way to amp up your bathroom routine, simply grab a bundle of fresh eucalyptus and tie them with twine around your shower head (or attach them to a waterproof self-adhesive hook). The leaves create a minty aroma when mixed with the steam and leave your whole bathroom smelling like the most wonderful garden.

To prepare your eucalyptus, gently roll it with a rolling pin or hammer to release its oils and boost the scent. Then, tie the stems together and hang them on your shower head. Be sure to keep it high up out of the water’s flow so it doesn’t get wet. This will help your eucalyptus last longer as coming into frequent contact with water can dry out the bundle over time. You can replace the bunch every three weeks or as they lose their scent.


It’s easy to make your own eucalyptus bundles. You just need to arrange the eucalyptus branches in loose bundles. Wrap a piece of twine around the stem, about two inches from the bottom end. Wind the yarn several times as you work the stem about an inch, then secure the bouquet with a knot or bow. Thread another length of thread through the strand and tie a loop for hanging. A Bundle of Eucalyptus from @emmynestle

The Benefits

Adding a bundle of eucalyptus to your shower can be a great way to get some of these benefits. Of the many benefits that can be obtained from eucalyptus, here are the benefits of hanging eucalyptus in your shower.

  • Soothing Aroma

The first benefit is eucalyptus has a soothing aroma. Eucalyptus adds a refreshing scent to any space, but it’s especially soothing in the shower. Imagine after you are tired all day and then take a shower in your shower with the soothing scent of eucalyptus. How very calming. The pleasant aroma can boost your mood and energy levels.

  • Release Stress

Eucalyptus reduces activity in your sympathetic nervous system, which triggers stress reactions, and stimulates the parasympathetic, which promotes relaxation and calmness. It can help ease your stress and makes you relax and fresh when bathing in your shower.

  • Decongesting

Eucalyptus is the go-to for unclogging stuffy noses due to its anti-inflammatory properties. When paired with steam, it helps thin out mucus and clear the sinuses, says Patterson. Just hang a bundle from your shower head and inhale, especially if you’re dealing with the symptoms of cold or seasonal allergies.

Eucalyptus for shower hanging

Eucalyptus is known as a plant that can provide health benefits. Incorporating eucalyptus into everyday life can be done in various ways. And the easiest way is by hanging a bundle of eucalyptus in the shower. Why is this the easiest way to get the benefits of eucalyptus? This is because eucalyptus oil is activated by steam and your shower is the place to be. All you have to do is just roll in some eucalyptus then tie it up and hang it in your shower head. If you can’t find eucalyptus around your house, you can buy it in online or offline stores.

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