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Since the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home has become a necessity. Most of us are in a situation where we are required to complete work from home. Due to this condition, you have to find a comfortable place in your home to work. If you don’t have a home office in your home, your bedroom is the best place to work. For a simple thought, you can work from your bed. But keep in mind that you have to pay attention to comfort aspect, so that it is less painfull when you are working from bed. It is because there are many distractions when working from bed, but there are also ways to overcome them. By learning how to deal with them, you can become more productive. So, what you have to do to work properly in your bed?

If you’re looking to work more productively and avoid the stress that can come with working in bed, you’re in luck. We have some tips to work from bed. First, take care of your back health. Avoid back pain from working in bed by providing proper back support. You can use large pillows that are mounted vertically. This will help support your back to prevent back pain. Then, use the proper desk. It means that the desk has a strong surface, has several features to store your needs, such as your laptop, smartphone, and even your drinking bottles. Next, you can provide storage within reach. In this case, you can use a bedside caddy to your store your essential things. Moreover, a proper lighting fixture will help you work from bed at night. Here, we have some ways and tips to work properly from your bed. Let’s check it out.

How to work properly in your bed1

Sturdy Surface


This bed desk design made of wood supports activities that will be carried out on the bed. Just choose and use wood with a smooth surface and of course it is stronger and stronger when used to place your laptop, using this wooden desk allows the laptop not to shake when used for typing. Several throw pillows are additional supports that make working from bed more comfortable. Sturdy Surface Wooden Desk from @grillodesigns

Smart Bedside Caddy


Take advantage of the side of the bed that is used as a practical storage idea that you can use when working on the bed. Choose and use a side bed caddy with more space so you can store laptops, cellphones, earphones and drink bottles that can be taken easily. This is one storage that will support your work comfort while decorating the bedroom. Smart Bedside Caddy Storage from @sunnybrandllc

Wooden DIY Folding Desk


When you are going to do work in the bed, you need the right furniture. For example, you can use a folding wooden desk that is equipped with built-in stationery storage at the bottom. Fold this desk back when you’re done using it to save space on the bed you’re using. Wooden DIY Folding Desk from @soitoa_psydutravail

Prepare Food on the Bed20902487_126786877956254_6540829764075126784_n

Not only using the desk, but you also need to pay attention to the presence of food on the work bed as the best snack that will accompany your work from home all day long. Just arrange and place your food or drink on a wooden tray so it doesn’t spill when you move on the bed, this idea allows you to remain free to move. Prepare your favorite food. Prepare Food on the Bed from @giovannagoeldi

Proper Desk in the Bed


This proper desk with a wide enough surface is equipped with several holes that you can use as needed. The surface of this desk is very sturdy and will make working in the bed more comfortable, besides that the surface can support your hands so they don’t get sore easily. This small hole with a size that is long enough you can use to put your tablet or cellphone. Proper Desk in the Bed from @ouwadebs_giftstore

Back Support for Bed Area


Pillows are one of the best accents you can use on a work bed. This large size pillow helps back support so that your back doesn’t get sore easily when doing tasks throughout the day. Just put this back support pillow in the headboard area so it doesn’t move when used. Choose a softer material and a fairly smooth surface. Back Support for Bed Area from @spalvotas_dryzuotas

Stainless Steel Tray Bed Ideas


Tray bed is really needed when you do or do office work in the bedroom. Food or drinks placed on this tray minimize spills when you move. Just use a tray bed with stainless steel material so it doesn’t rust easily when used for a long time. Place it right beside you using the laptop. Stainless Steel Tray Bed Ideas from @tighe.together

Easy Storage with Near Nightstand


A nightstand that is placed right next to your bed ready to be used as additional storage that you can use when working on the bed. Add a wicker basket to organize small items to be stored. Besides that, it will also be easier for you to pick up something you need in this nightstand area. Easy Storage with Near Nightstand from @pair_adice

Headboard Bookshelves Design


Look at this multifunctional headboard ? This will be one of the smart bedroom interiors when it will be used as a work in the bed area. Also add proper lighting to make it easier for you to find the book you are looking for. Save books according to the theme so that they are easier to find with a more efficient time. Headboard Bookshelves Design from @annibtj

Proper Lighting Bedroom Design


When you are going to use a bedroom decoration as a work in the bed, you can prepare the right lighting. For example, you can try wall sconces on both sides of the bed so that it provides maximum lighting when it is getting dark in the room. Choose and use wall sconces with orange lighting to make it feel warmer. Proper Lighting Bedroom Design from @hoteldistrito21

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