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Since a healthy lifestyle has become part of today’s modern life, their awareness to exercise is getting better. They do more exercise to get a healthy body. One of the sports activities that can refresh the body and provide peace of mind is yoga. Whether you’re just getting started on your yoga journey or you have been practicing for years, it’s important to create a space that allows you to connect with your inner self. It means you have to provide a comfortable yoga room. To help you achieve this, we’ve rounded up a few things that should be considered when creating a peace yoga room at home.

Proper Mat

When creating a peace yoga room, the furniture you choose should be functional and beautiful. You will need a proper mat to support your practice. A thick and comfortable mat is all you need. You can also provide other furniture. For example, a bolster or blocks and a chair that’s comfortable for sitting and meditating.


Create a comfortable and peaceful yoga room with the right mat selection. Choose the highest quality mat, a soft mat will also affect the quality of your yoga. Thick and soft mats are very comfortable to use all day which will make your yoga activities more optimal. Soft Mat Ideas from @our.coastal_abode


You can also apply a layered mat to create comfortable and peaceful yoga. This layered mat is arranged and applied to the floor in a crosswise manner with the aim of creating space for movement so that you are freer when doing yoga movements. Try to use two different mat colors so that they are ready to be used as a room statement. Layered Mat Ideas from @_michellealtieri_


You can also use a mat with a neutral color to create a more peaceful atmosphere, using black is the right choice for this idea. In addition, the black mat will not look dirty easily, so it will be more comfortable to use as a relaxing mat. Just use the mat according to the amount needed. Black Matte Rug  from @manetulum

Neat and Clean Space

Whether you’re setting up a yoga room in your home or converting a spare bedroom, it’s important to consider how you want the space to feel. You want it to be a place where you can relax and focus on your practice, without being distracted by too much clutter. It means you have to make sure that your yoga room is clean and neat. In addition, you should also consider the layout of your furniture to create flow and openness in the space.


The neat appearance of the yoga room will add to the quality of your yoga. Arrange the layout of all the interiors used to make it the most comfortable place in your home. Try to provide a special room with glass walls so you can get a beautiful view outside the room. Apply the mat facing outdoors so you can do yoga in peace and quiet. Neat with Proper Layout from @stadt.land.alma


In doing yoga activities, you should use an adequate amount of mat, if you only need one mat and you have several mats it would be nice if you rolled it up and stored it somewhere. Use the storage basket to store the mats that you have rolled up, you can place this storage basket in the corner of the yoga room so that all the interiors used are neatly arranged. Additional Storage from @farmhouse805

Incorporate Nature and Indoor Plant

Plants can create a sense of peace in a yoga studio, especially when they’re placed near a window. They also help purify the air, which can make a difference in your practice. Some plants, such as snake plants and Chinese evergreens, purify the air. Others, like the peace lily, can promote restful sleep. They also absorb toxins and allergens, helping to keep your space clean and healthy.


To bring calm during yoga, it will be maximized if you can unite with nature. If you have a yoga room in your house, one of the right ways to present a cool natural atmosphere is to add some vines to the ceiling, this will certainly add natural freshness every time. Application in the ceiling area is intended so as not to disturb your space for movement. Natural Indoor Plants on the Ceiling from @yogaroom_marina


Try to add green plants to your yoga room decoration, you can choose the type of vines so they can be installed and applied to the ceiling of your yoga room. This is intended so that the floor can be used optimally for yoga. Installation of trellis in the ceiling area is intended so that these plants can propagate perfectly. Vines Plants on the Trellis Ceiling from @velan_interiors

Add Calming Scents

For more relaxing, you can add aromatic and calming scents to your yoga room. You can use aromatic incense sticks or scented candles. Scented candles can also be used to add a soothing, peaceful nuance to the space. They’re available in a variety of styles and can be placed anywhere in the room to create a calm, serene environment. Moreover, you can also use potpourri or diffuser with essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and more.


A small thing you can do to maintain calm and give your body a feeling of relaxation is to use aromatherapy when doing yoga. You can use aromatherapy in the form of a candle, selecting this small type of aromatherapy will make it easier for you to store it. You can place this aromatherapy candle on top of the cabinet or in the corner of the room so it won’t disturb your activities. Add Aromatherapy Candle from @annik1_k


You can also put aromatherapy natural wax side by side with a statue, green plants in pots and also a series of pampas grass which will add color to the room instantly. In addition to aromatherapy and relaxing your yoga, some of these ornaments can also become a new focal point in the yoga area in your home. Aromatherapy Natural Wax from @lucyinteriordesign

Soothing Color Scheme

For a more relaxed yoga session, consider using soothing color scheme as well. Consider using muted or neutral colors. Colors like sage, soft lavender, white, and pastel colors. Avoid using bold or bright colors because they will cause anxiety and stress.


In preparing a yoga room, one of the steps you need to do is choose the color of the room. You can use a neutral color as the dominant color in your yoga room, white and wood are the colors that you can apply on this occasion. Apply white on the walls and floor of the room, then you can apply wood accents as the ceiling and room frame. White and Natural Wood Scheme Color from @room_nts

325419011_566894608635606_3372323939662044996_nTo make your yoga room look brighter and more spacious, you can use white as the main accent in the room. White color will more easily reflect light so that the room will be brighter, besides that this all-white yoga room will look cleaner and also spacious so that it will make your yoga more comfortable. Neutral Yoga Room with Natural Lighting from @raumvisionen

Proper Lighting

When creating a peace yoga room, the lighting should be carefully chosen. The right lighting will create the ideal atmosphere and encourage yogis to relax and focus on their practice. To get the perfect balance of light, use a variety of lighting sources. Ceiling lights, wall sconces, and table lamps are all great options.327275038_2120297851498441_6040986623320514525_n

When doing yoga at night, you need the right room lighting. Now you can try using LED ceiling lighting that is installed thoroughly. The LED that is used has orange lighting which can be combined with natural lighting that enters through a glass window during the day. LED Ceiling with Natural Window Lighting from @alex.deez.interior

Statement Decorations

Wall art that is nature inspired is a great way to provide some depth to the room. You can also add a large canvas of the ocean or mountains to give your space a more soothing vibe.


A statement decoration that you can try in the yoga room decoration section is to use a colorful interior. For example, you can try it on the use of mats with quite a lot. Apart from the mat, you can also install a mandala which is dominated by black to make it look more contrasting with the white wall background. Colorful Themed Yoga Room from @yoga_rooms


Don’t let your yoga room wall decor look plain and boring. Now you can do mural creativity with a pattern that fits the theme of a peaceful yoga room. Use a few splashes of different colored paint in this mural to add color to the room so it’s not too boring. Mural Art Wall Decorarion from @urbanrussiandoll


Make the yoga room wall look more different by installing wallpaper that is large enough with a beautiful and eye-catching sunset pattern. This wallpaper is attached to one of the walls. The mat that is used can be faced towards the use of wallpaper so that you have a different view while in this room. Statement Wallpaper Decor from @aj.wallpaper

Complete with Mirrors

Don’t forget to complete your yoga room with a mirror, even a large mirror or floor to ceiling mirror. The mirror will help you stay properly aligned during practice sessions. It’s important to know the movements properly and avoid injury. Plus, a mirror will make your yoga room feel more open and spacious.


A wide mirror like this wall decoration is an interior that can be had in a yoga room decoration. Why so ? Yes, because the use of this mirror is intended so that the yoga movements that you do can be controlled through the glass that is installed. It’s not enough to get here, you can take care of the glass by spraying it with cleaning fluid and a soft cloth. Wall Mirror Design from @nikaklampfer


The mirror design in this yoga room is very textured and you can place the mat right in front of the mirror. The use of this mirror makes the room look more spacious and open. Besides that, you can see the yoga movements that are being done through this mirror. End the yoga room with indoor plants as a natural touch that will never fail. Textured Yoga Mirror Ideas from @runbikevet


This standing mirror with a reclaimed wood frame can be applied in a simple yoga room as an interior addition that will function properly and optimally. Simply place the mirror in an area that doesn’t interfere with your space to make it safer and not be bumped and fall which could cause it to break. Standing Rustic Mirror from @mnchomestaging

Eastern Cultures

Another idea to decorate your yoga room is to use decorative elements that are inspired by Eastern cultures. In this case, you can add mandalas and statues to your yoga room. This will help your peace yoga room feel more authentic.


There’s nothing wrong with bringing a touch of eastern cultural style to your yoga room decor. It will be the best choice which will give a new atmosphere. What you can do now is decorate the bare walls with several mandalas that are large and wide enough to dominate the room. Mandala Wall Decoration from @mhynuflows

305597843_629090492133351_7880456897966446081_nNot only through the use of mandalas, now you can also use sculptures to be applied in this simple yoga room. Simply place the silver-colored statue on the floor area or more precisely adjacent to the indoor potted plant that you are using so that it can be used as the focal point of the room while adding a touch of eastern culture instantly. Silver Statue Ornament from @alignyou.yoga

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