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Whether you’re an avid exerciser or just want to get in better shape, getting a home gym is one of the best ways to improve your health. But you might be struggling to find a way to fit it into your small space.

Thankfully, there are plenty of great small-space home gym ideas for you to consider. Whether you want to build a shed gym or create a yoga and meditation space, these inspiring ideas will help you make the most of your workout area without sacrificing space.


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But before that, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when designing a small home gym. These ideas will help you turn your exercise space into a functional and stylish space that you’ll actually use.


Whether you are setting up your first small home gym, the size of the space is going to be critical. It’s important to measure everything – the length, width and height of the room. A good place to start is to make a simple scale drawing of your room. Then, test what you can fit in the space and see how many pieces of equipment you can have (apart from any infrastructure such as flooring, insulation, or heating). It’s also worth ensuring there is enough room to lift weights safely and comfortably. So it’s important to plan your small home gym accordingly!


The first step you can take when decorating a home gym is to adjust the size. Having one of these fitness equipment you can provide a small space for your home gym so that it is suitable for you to try on your home decor. Small Home Gym from @orbit_fitness


This large home gym has quite a number of fitness equipment. This idea is suitable for you to try because you must have a large home gym size. Equipped with some wall storage, it can spruce up the look of your home gym. Large Home Gym from @nadiapalaciosrd


If you have a lot of fitness equipment at home, then you must provide enough space to create a comfortable home gym. This home gym is equipped with several barbell and dumbbell storage areas that will make this room tidier and more organized. Home Gym from @macallisterstrengthco


A small home gym needs to be well thought out before you invest in equipment. Start by setting fitness goals and then deciding what types of equipment can help you reach those goals. For example, if your goal is to increase your strength, consider investing in weight lifting or resistance training equipment. If you want to work more cardio into your workouts, a treadmill or elliptical machine is ideal. This will help you choose equipment that isn’t too large or requires a lot of space. If your space is limited, look for equipment that can be folded up and stored easily. This will ensure you’re not using up extra room for a piece. This is because it relates to the limited space that you will use later.


Several fitness equipment such as treadmills, muscle boosters, and dumbbells complete your home gym. You can apply it to your home gym to produce this room design. Home Work Out from @stephsfitlife_xx


If you want to tone your muscles, you can add a free-standing squat rack to your home gym. Adding a rug to this floor will create a warm, comfortable space for your feet. Free Standing Squat Rack from @benny_sota


This fitness tool will help you choose tools that are not too big or take up a lot of space. If you want to increase your strength, you can choose fitness equipment with weights in your home gym. Fitness Equipment from @rtwogyms


Whether you have a small home gym in a spare room or an entire basement, your space needs to be able to accommodate all your fitness equipment and accessories. This means a dedicated place for everything from dumbbells and bands to yoga mats and exercise clothes. To keep all your equipment and accessories organized, use durable, waterproof bins or baskets to store them. This will make it easy to find what you need and put it away after each workout. The point is you have to provide proper storage for your small home gym.


You can also opt for wall storage in your home gym. You can use this open storage cabinet to store gym balls and dumbbells. In addition, the gym room is designed not to have a lot of furniture and only stops at gym equipment. Open Cabinet Home Gym Storage from @swmexclusive


You can implement barbell tower storage which will make it easier for you to find what you need and store it after each workout. Placing next to the wall can save space in your home. Barbel Tower Storage from @byatelierb


This home gym wall storage is able to provide a neat decoration and avoid clutter. Using open shelves that are commonly used to store gym balls and barbells will make it easier for you to find them. Wall Storage Home Gym from @ehrlichinteriors


Open shelf storage to store a few barbells and dumbbells makes for a great home gym decoration. This means a dedicated place for everything from dumbbells and bands to yoga mats and workout clothes. Rack Storage Home Gym from @ehrlichinteriors

Below, we have rounded up some small-space home gym ideas for a compact workout room.

Add Full-Length Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent way to help you check your form during weight training and other workouts. They allow you to see where you need to focus and make it easier to correct mistakes in the future. And for your small-space home gym ideas, a full-length mirror can be a perfect addition to your small space home gym. They can be hung on the wall or over a door and provide a full-body view. When choosing a mirror, consider the shape, size, and thickness of the glass. Frameless mirrors are usually more affordable and offer a cleaner look.


In addition to making the gym space more spacious, this accent mirror helps you check your form during weight training and other exercises. Sticking to one of these walls will be the perfect centerpiece. Large Mirror Home Gym from @amaraproperty


Maximizing a room that is not too large for a gym room, you can use a mirror on one of the walls. You can use three mirror tiles hanging on the wall for the perfect home gym design. Tile Mirror Home Gym from @byatelierb


Two large mirrors hung on two walls at the same time can give your home gym a different look. Combined with this white color scheme, it will also make your room design brighter and fresher. Two Large Mirror from @ehrlichinteriors


Using two large mirrors placed on the home gym wall can give the impression of a spacious and bright room. This mirror helps you check your form during weight training. Two High Mirror Gym from @ehrlichinteriors


Complete your home gym with three large mirrors equipped with LED lights for a wide and bright view. Having this curved shape will be the center of attention and the perfect home look. Mirror with Lighting Home Gym from @oh_my_maison


Having the proper lighting in your home gym is crucial to ensure that you can work out safely and efficiently. It also helps you to feel comfortable and energetic when working out. Especially for a small space, lighting will create a large ambiance. There are some lighting ideas that you can choose from for your a small home gym. To mimic natural light, you can use LED lighting. It is because it mimics sunlight at a color temperature that is energizing and doesn’t drain your energy like incandescent or fluorescent lights can. LED lights come in all shapes, sizes and colors and can be controlled via smart technology. Some can be dimmed and change to different color temperatures.


You also need to apply lighting to your home gym. Choosing a flush mount lamp that has white lighting will brighten up the look of the room and work well with a white color scheme. Flush Mount Lighting from @garagegymlab


Using lights and fans is one of the most interesting ideas for your gym. Because this will give a lighter home touch. In addition, this lighting provides a perfect view.  Lighting and Fan Home Gym from @hunterfanco

Create a Shed Gym

If you have a small space in your home, creating a shed gym is a great idea for a compact workout room. You can use rubber mats to protect the floors, shelving units for storage, and your cardio or weight-lifting equipment of choice! Shed gyms are becoming increasingly popular. The key to building a shed gym is choosing the right size. You want to make sure you have enough space for the type of equipment you plan to purchase, as well as a good amount of free space to move around.

A 12 x 24 shed gives you a lot of room for movement and is recommended as the ideal gym shed sizing. This size allows you to fit a rope pull machine, a squat rack, free weights, yoga mats, and even a punching bag.


Warehouse gyms are becoming more and more popular for now. You can reuse warehouses that are not used and filled with fitness equipment to produce attractive home gym designs. Shed Gym from @garagegymexperiment


In this warehouse gym you can add rubber mats to protect the floor, shelving units for storage, and your choice of cardio or weightlifting equipment. This gym shed gives you plenty of room to move around and is recommended as an ideal gym shed. Small Shed Gym from @home_gym_uk_community

Utilize Your Walls

If you need extra storage for your equipment, consider a wall-mounted rack or shelf that can hold longer items like foam rollers, yoga mats and rolled up towels. The vertical storage ideas will help you to safe your floor. It’s also a budget-friendly solution for gym clutter that’ll help you maximize your space while keeping your equipment handy


This wall mounted gym equipment pegboard storage gives a room a spacious and airy look. This type of storage saves a lot of floor space as it is mounted on a blank wall, plus pegboard maximizes space while keeping equipment handy Wall Storage Home Gym from @garagegymlab


Gym wall storage is one of the smart storage that you can try in your home gym. Using iron material has a strong appearance and is suitable for you to use to store various items that are easy to find. Gym Wall Storage from @garagegymlab


Vertical storage ideas will help you save floors. You can use this type of storage to store various straps to maximize space while keeping equipment handy. Wall Strap Storage from


You should add wall storage to your home gym to create the perfect home décor. Vertical storage ideas will help you save floors and will be a budget-friendly solution for your gym clutter. Pegboard Gym Storage from @ehrlichinteriors

Use Your Nook

If you want a dedicated space for your workouts, we’ve got some ideas to help you create a fitness nook that will motivate you to stick with your regimen. You can make the most out of every nooks in your home. All you have to do is adjust your angle according to the equipment you are going to use. Think of vertical storage to save space. Another important consideration is keeping your gym space separate from other rooms. You can use a divider to add privacy to your home gym.


Home gym decoration will look more minimalist if you use some appropriate furniture. Start by using a barbell storage place in the corner of this room to produce a neat room decoration and avoid clutter. Nook Storage Home Gym from @mckenziehowarth

Invest in a Large Window and Bright Paint

For a small-space home gym ideas, you can invest in a large window and bright paint. The large window will allow to enter your space. It will make your small home gym looks bright. Moreover, you can consider to use bright paint for the walls. It can create a calm and serene nuance while making you more energetic. The combination of these two elements will make you more comfortable in exercising.


In this small home gym, get a big window view. This window display can create a calm and serene feel while making you more energetic. Adding this tritmil will complete the look. Large Windows Hime Gym from @xularchitecture


This large, wood-framed window will provide perfect lighting to your home. Adding this mirror will also make the room decoration spacious and bright. Large Windows with Mirror from @aneverendingbook


Large windows combined with wood accents in this home gym produce a charming home decor that you can try. It will make your small home gym look bright. Windows with Wooden Accent from @stephanillouz


This folding window is able to give the impression of a spacious and bright room. This can create a feeling of calm and serenity while also making you more energetic. Applying this on one of the walls results in a bright room décor. Folding Windows from @newerafitnessmalaysia

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