Smart Lights As The Center Of Attention And Brighten Up Your Everyday Life

Start a more sophisticated setup with smart lights to brighten up your everyday life and as a center of attention. It will become an artistic indoor lamp to set the right mood or a bright outdoor light to protect you and your family.

Ginko Moon Lamp

Look at this magic lamp. It is a mesmerizing light show literally shrinking down the moon and putting it on your desk. The Ginko moon lamp is beyond a moon-shaped light source. It shows splendidly with a texture that closely mimics the surface of the moon. After that, it floats on top of its wooden pedestal like magic. Next, it also rotates slowly to enchant you with mystical charm. As another plus point, it is also eco-friendly and made from biodegradable PLA, and reclaimed wood for beauty reflection.

Halo Rise

Well, not everyone wants to have a bedside lamp turned on all night. Meanwhile, almost everyone wants to wake up to a gentle light, almost like a sunrise. Such kind of light is so essential to the body and mind when waking up. Therefore, you may choose Halo Rise as your bedside lamp. It will provide what you need every day. When you are asleep, it can act as a sleep tracker so you do not have to that lets you keep tabs on the improved sleep quality. Then, when it is time to wake up, this lamp can stimulate sunrise to wake up in the most natural way.

Eye-Catching Symfonisk

Look at this IKE Symfonisk as a multifunctional lamp that looks exquisitely elegant. It offers a pretty cylindrical table lamp with a rather unique circular lampshade. Besides, this lamp also has secret power with a 360-degree Wi-Fi speaker. So this product looks and sounds good when the light is turned off.


Most of the eye-catching smart lamps tend to attract people’s attention with dazzling colors and psychedelic light shows. Meanwhile, it sometimes overwhelming for some tastes. Look at this Teno appear in a bowl-shaped town with a large crack in the middle but you will be greeted by an almost otherworldly glow. No wonder, it is mentioned as an aesthetic, tactic, functional and minimalist lamp in one.

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