Partition is a part of home design to separate one to another room. The models are numerous based on the […]

Wood furniture is always be favorite thing for many people. The natural beauty of wood is the most reason for them to have it. Because of it, there are so many furniture industries that use wood as the base material. Shelves is one of furnitures that is used from wood material. Moreover, it also can be combined with other materials. In this post, you will find some astonishing shelves design to inspire you.

Curtain or let it transparent? Well, you can even combined all of those for your windows. Curtain is the solution […]

This is the era of working at home. You will get money only by sitting in front of your computer at your bedroom. While, you need to concentrate to finish your work you can choose one of this workspace bedroom designs. By this, enjoy your time of collecting money with inspiring workspace ideas as follow;

Fairy lights are small, typically laced stringed lights, copper wire with bright little lights, and amazing colors. They are warm, beautiful, and do absolute magic for your room. Given the flexibility of the fairy lights and the variety of styles they come in, you can create some really awesome and creative designs to make your bedroom look very magical.

When you have finished building your bedroom, the arrangement of the furniture should be the interesting part to do. The […]

If you and your family love to spend quality time in your outdoor space, consider to add pond to your outdoor space. There are many kinds of ponds that you can build in your outdoor space. A minimalist pond is great for your outdoor space and also, you can add some greenery to beautify your space. we’ve gather a bunch of pond designs so maybe you can find something for your own garden below.