Mason jars come with its popularity as the landscape to plant any kinds of flowers, herbs, or even succulents. It replaces the role of vase to create a unique look. With little touch of creativity, this Mason jars change your room into more appealing.

A beautiful backyard us all about personal touches. Turning a blank concrete slab into a distinctive outdoor retreat takes more than just an update patio set. It requires a few unique design elements and a whole lot of creativity. And nowadays, having a beautiful backyard doesn’t have to spend much money in it. There are many ways to get a beautiful backyard cheaply. Check out these 8 adorable backyard ideas that won’t break the bank below to inspire you. 

Buy something that you like and become a collector is not a crime. You can also make your collection as a great decoration for your home, especially the one that can fill your blank wall space at home. One thing that you should consider is the collection that you choose still can blend well with the existing one. Check out these 9 of the best things to fill your blank wall space below to inspire you.