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Home Decoration, Renovation and Remodell

10 Garage Conversion Ideas To Improve Your Home

If you already have an outdoor parking spot, converting a garage into a room is a great idea as it adds add value to your property as well as additional space to your home.
A simple garage – single or double- has more potential than you can ever imagine. The options are unlimited but you have to consider about the amount of space you have and what room would you like to have.

Home Decoration, Interior Design

10 Best Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas To Copy Right Now

What do you think of when you hear shabby chic? Distress vintage finds, salvaged and whitewash wood, pops of pastel, lace and feminine florals, shabby chic is often also referred to as country chic or vintage chic.
The basic thing about this decor is upcycled or antiqued furniture, which means you can find old pieces at a low cost, or buy modern furniture at a cheaper price and give it a shabby makeover. Shabby chic style can be applied throughout your home.

Home Decoration, Interior Design

Best Multipurpose Room for an Amazing Use of Space

Ideally a dwelling consists of some rooms in accordance with its function. Sometimes, you’ll find difficulties to set the room especially for the small space. You have to arrange the items wisely to optimize the use of the space. There are several ways that a narrow space can be used with multi functions, one of them is dividing the space. By dividing the space you can create best multipurpose room for an amazing use of space. Let’s check the ideas one by one!

Interior Design

Ways to Create Indoor Space that Feels Like the Outdoors

Outdoor concept is identical with fresh air, nature, and and growth. Almost people love to enjoy open-air because its natural freshness. Recent, many resaturants which are designed as open- restaurant to give their customers natural view. As well as recent home designs, outdoor is the popular concept. If you are interested to find several ways to create indoor space that feels like outdoor, let’s check the ideas!

Interior Design

10 Small Space Home Office Design Ideas

Generally, office is a workplace or a room to work administratively. Not only at the office, you may also need to do your overtime work at home. Surely, whatever job you do you need a computer and workspace at your home. Don’t discourage if you have no wide space in your home. You can utilize your small space to work whisc is usually called home office. How come? So, let’s check these inspirational home office ideas for you.

Home Decoration, Interior Design

10 Mirror Decoration Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Beyond their practical use as an aid to personal care, proper mirrors placement will add life and luster to the neglected areas. The mirrors are ideal for reflecting light in the room, creating the illusion of texture and space, making the darker angles brighter and highlighting certain areas of your home. Adding lighting into room using mirrors are very advantageous thing, because the mirror are very versatile because it can represent any decoration style.