How to get a healthy environment around your home2

The state of your living environment leaves a considerable impact on your health. It would be nice if created a healthy and comfortable environment. And, keeping a clean, safe, pest-free and healthy home is one of the best ways to keep your health in good shape. Many of us spend a lot of time at our homes, so it’s essential to create a healthy environment around it. To make it happen, this can be done by taking a few simple steps and precautions. Below are some ideas to create a healthy environment around your home.

How to get a healthy environment around your home1

More Natural Lights

In order to get a healthy environment, first consider letting more natural light into your home. Sunlight emits UV rays which are useful for killing bacteria. Therefore, you must ensure that sunlight can enter freely into your home. You can install multiple windows in your home. A large glass wall can also be installed in your home.


A healthy environment in the room can be obtained from the presence of sunlight that enters the room in sufficient quantities. For example, you can use a shutter window in a living room decoration with a size that is quite wide and large. It’s not enough to stop here, the use of this shutter window also presents a farmhouse theme instantly, you can repaint it with white to make it look more elegant. Farmhouse Shutter Window from @lotsoflovely_


Sunlight is one of the accents to keep the room in your home moist and healthy. Therefore, try to get more sunlight into the room, one way you can do this is to use a transparent glass wall that is wide enough. Complement this section of wall with repainted wood frames for an impressive look. Natural Light Wall Decoration from @berecowindows


Not only through the use of glass walls and windows, you can enter natural light into the room. Another way that you can use is to use skylights in the kitchen area. Why should it be in the kitchen? Yes, because in this room there will be more contact with water and of course the incoming sunlight can help dry out parts of the sink area or wet floors exposed to splashes of water after washing dishes. Skylight Kitchen Decoration from @realtyflairofficial

Good Air Quality

A healthy environment around your home is important for your health. It can help to reduce allergies, increase your energy level, and improve mental health. In addition, a clean home can improve your air quality and help you breathe easier. In this case, you may consider installing large windows for proper ventilation. You can also use an air purifier to filt the bad air in your home.


To replace air circulation in the room, use glass windows that are large enough and you can open them during the day. Glass windows that are opened will replace the air circulation in the room in a natural way that does not require electrical energy. Isn’t it very easy to do? Do this activity every morning. Open as Wide a Window as Possible from @a.start.of.something


To improve good air quality in your home, one way you can do this is to install and use a large enough air purifier. The existence of this unit can be used to catch the fine hairs on your pet. Apart from that, other benefits that can be obtained are eliminating bad odors and preventing the spread of infectious viruses through the air. Use an Air Purifier from @podandherpeas

Clean Your Rooms Regularly

If you want to get a healthy environment around your home, it is important that you clean your rooms regularly. A dirty and cluttered room can block positive energy and cause mental health issues. To make your job easier, it is important that you create a cleaning checklist and stick to it. This will help you focus on the right tasks and prevent you from getting sidetracked.


Keeping the room clean and tidy is the main task for the comfort of the house that will be used throughout the day. What you can do now is to clean the area of the house regularly by using a robot vacuum cleaner. Its use is also very easy, you can press the on button on the outer surface, so this vacuum robot will work well on its own to suck up dust or pet hair. Do charging when the movement starts to weaken Robot Vacuum Cleaner from @_asii.home


Vacuuming in corners of rooms or in areas that are difficult to reach is now easier to do because now you can also use a powerful vacuum cleaner. Apart from that, another function that you can get is cleaning small debris that sticks to your floor area. Not only on the floor, this tool can also be used in the carpet area. Choose the best quality so that it is not easily damaged when used for a long time. Powerful Vacuum Cleaner from @adamlob0


When a vacuum cleaner only works to vacuum or clean the carpet area, then you can do other cleaning activities to make the home environment healthier and free of germs. For example, you can do regular mopping activities by doing it two to three times a day. Use a clean cloth mop then combine it with the use of a cleaning fluid that has been dissolved in several liters of water with a predetermined dose. Mopping the Floor Regularly from @elshanireinigung

Remove All Debris

In order to create healthy environtment around your home, another thing that you need to do is remove all debris from the room. The same goes for the front yard and backyard. This includes trash, clothes and other rogue items. This will not only help you to save time, but it will also keep the space clean. When you do this, be sure to wear proper gloves and protective gear. This will ensure that you don’t come into contact with any harmful bacteria or chemicals.


Not only at home you can do cleaning activities. At this time, you can clean the outdoor window area by wiping it with a cloth that has been sprayed with cleaning fluid. After the dust that sticks to the taste is not clean, then end it by rinsing it using clean water from your tap. Finish by wiping with a dry rag for a shiny look. Clean the Window Glass from Dust from @xeroproducts


Because the outdoor air changes, pests and mold can nest in your roof area. Therefore, carry out routine maintenance by calling a roof cleaning service every two to three months. This roof cleaning uses sophisticated tools so you no longer need to hold dirt directly. Rubbing it and sprinkling it with clean water is the right way to do it. Cleaning Roof from @aemackintosh


Consider cleaning the gutter area with a stick or long broom. This is done so that all the dirt that is produced from dust or fallen leaves does not accumulate and of course it will become a nest of pests or a source of disease that disturbs the health of your home environment. Besides that, by cleaning the gutter, water will also run freely into the disposal area. Clean Up the Gutters from @modsquadservices

Keep the Space Clutter-Free

A dirty and cluttered room can block positive vibes and cause depression. Besides, it can also affect your overall health. By keeping the room clean and organized, you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Arrange all the items to be stored in the open shelving area to produce a clean, tidy and organized look. At this time you can clean the shelf area regularly so that it is free from dust and nesting pests. Just use a cordless vacuum cleaner that will work optimally and not be complicated. You can charge it again when the vacuum cleaner’s battery starts to run low. Set the Layout of Items to be Stored from @playhousestaging


Perform regular maintenance on your kitchen decor, starting from the countertop area to the floor area used. This is done so that it is free from dust and dirt that sticks. As for the floor area, you can use a vacuum cleaner and mop it using a clean cloth that has been refined using a cleaning fluid with the scent of your choice. Set Kitchen Neatness Schedule from @larakimmerer

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

A clean home is also easier on your wallet since it uses less energy. Moreover, a clean and healthy home reduces your environmental footprint, which helps to save the planet. One way to reduce your energy consumption is to switch to renewable energy sources. Whether it’s a solar panel or a wind turbine, these options can save you money and help the environment by providing clean energy.


The use of solar panels that are installed on the roof basically serves to reduce the cost of paying for electricity at the end of the month. Its appearance, which is dominated by this deep black color, gives a traditional touch that will never fail to try. Apart from that, another benefit that you can get is to help reduce the use of carbon so that a healthy environment can still be done to the maximum according to your abilities which can be created easily and simply. Roof Solar Panels from @jdsolarpanel

Invest in Plants

If you’re looking for a way to get a healthy environment around your home, investing in plants may be a great option. Plants absorb pollutants and other airborne toxins, filter the air with their roots and leaves, and release oxygen. They can also help reduce your energy consumption and keep the temperature in your room lower. Investing in plants can be a great way to improve the air quality and mood of your home, and they’re easy to maintain. Just be sure to choose plants that thrive under the conditions of your room and soil type.


Front yard gardens filled with a variety of different types of plants are a source of healthier air. Therefore you can plant trees as well as a variety of beautiful blooming flowers. This tall tree will make the area around it more shady and can be used as a more comfortable outdoor dining room. Perform maintenance on this outdoor plant regularly so that it can develop properly and optimally. Big Trees and Blooming Flowers from @garden_blog_usa


Enter various types of green plants to be applied to your home to be used as an investment in healthy and clean air. Just put it in the corner of the room along with other ornaments such as woven macrame which is hung using nails. This plant can be obtained from the backyard garden for free and you can transplant it with several pots that have a variety of different shapes and sizes. Vase and Hanging Green Plants from @laura_pigeon

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