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Author: Gal Gendut

Home Decoration, Interior Design

10 Modern Wallpapers Ideas For Your Room Wall 

If you want to upgrade the house without having to renovate on a large scale, then the wallpaper is the answer. Wallpapers have the ability to change the decoration of any room. They can be the protagonists of the overall decor, excessive and complex, or simply complementary to bring elegance to surroundings. Modern wallpapers are not only determined by simple geometric motifs or dark colors, today’s possibilities are endless and accessible. From chic motifs, to intricate geometric motifs with bold colors, wallpapers allow you to personalize the room and create a unique atmosphere.

Home Decoration, Interior Design

8 Tiled Fireplace Design Ideas 

Fireplaces may not take up much space, but always attract attention because it is a remarkable place to spent time with your family or just simply relax on your own. Tile fireplaces are not only used for its appearance but also serve as a non-flammable barrier between your fireplace and the rest of the house, as they are able to withstand very high temperatures. With a wide variety of styles, colors, textures and prices you can freely choose the perfect type of tile for the mood you want to create.

Garden and Outdoor, Home Decoration

10 Backyard Sheds Design Ideas That You Will Love 

Backyard shed are very common as they are very multifunctional. You can start to make it a place of storage, space for hobbies, children’s play area, your home office and many other creative ways you can built in the shed in your backyard, depending on how you will use it. Mostly, you will build a backyard shed of wood. This is a very popular choice but that does not mean you can not build it from other materials. Be more creative and find more inspiration to build your backyard as you wish.

DIY Ideas, Home Decoration, Interior Design

10 Inspiring Accent Wall Ideas To Change An Area 

An accent wall can be an ideal method to break up a huge space, to emphasize an particularly wonderful architectural function, or to embed a sense of the amazing in an ordinary area.
The easiest way to make a wall accent is to paint a wall in a room of color. But if you want a dramatic change in the room look, you can try using stones, bricks, mirrors, and even wood to accentuate one wall in this room, because one is more than enough if you make the right choice.

Home Decoration, Interior Design

12 Amazing Rustic Vanities To Upgrade Your Bathroom 

Rustic bathrooms vanities is so cozy, unique and nostalgic. They bring a sense of having the outdoors to inside,  with designs that feature natural surfaces and an outdoorsy design approach. This is like take the best of nature, farmhouse chic, and craftsman characteristics and combines them to take a sometimes cold feeling space and makes it feel warm. Pairing a wood vanity cabinet design with a stone tabletop is also a great option for a rustic style, especially if the stone is in a matte finish that will reflect a more natural feel.

Home Decoration, Renovation and Remodell

10 Garage Conversion Ideas To Improve Your Home 

If you already have an outdoor parking spot, converting a garage into a room is a great idea as it adds add value to your property as well as additional space to your home.
A simple garage – single or double- has more potential than you can ever imagine. The options are unlimited but you have to consider about the amount of space you have and what room would you like to have.

Home Decoration, Interior Design

10 Best Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas To Copy Right Now 

What do you think of when you hear shabby chic? Distress vintage finds, salvaged and whitewash wood, pops of pastel, lace and feminine florals, shabby chic is often also referred to as country chic or vintage chic.
The basic thing about this decor is upcycled or antiqued furniture, which means you can find old pieces at a low cost, or buy modern furniture at a cheaper price and give it a shabby makeover. Shabby chic style can be applied throughout your home.

Home Decoration, Interior Design

10 Mirror Decoration Ideas to Brighten Your Home 

Beyond their practical use as an aid to personal care, proper mirrors placement will add life and luster to the neglected areas. The mirrors are ideal for reflecting light in the room, creating the illusion of texture and space, making the darker angles brighter and highlighting certain areas of your home. Adding lighting into room using mirrors are very advantageous thing, because the mirror are very versatile because it can represent any decoration style.